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On This Day in MMA History: Gina Carano Weighs in Nude and

On This Day in MMA History: Gina Carano Weighs in Nude and

Date: 2017-05-30 21:06

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These days, Carano is enjoying a budding film career, with a starring role in Steven Soderbergh 8767 s Haywire   and a supporting role in Fast & Furious 6   already under her belt as well as an upcoming role in an all-female version of The Expendables  on the horizon. Carano is also set to star in the action-thriller  In the Blood, which according to  The Hollywood Reporter , will see Carano play,  8775 A wife whose husband disappears while they 8767 re on their honeymoon in the Caribbean. She takes matters into her own hands and pursues the men who took him, uncovering a deeper conspiracy. 8776

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Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Carano 8767 s nude weigh-in and really, the EliteXC: Heat weigh-ins in generals (video below) was that it served as precursor to the batshit insanity that would take place the following evening.

While you could argue that the blame for EliteXC 8767 s undoing rests solely on the shoulders of $kala, we 8767 d like to think that the events which transpired on the weekend of October 8rd, 7558 were all thanks to the otherworldly power of Gina Carano 8767 s awesome boobage. We 8767 re cup half full kind of guys.

Of all the 8775 On This Day in MMA History 8776 posts we have ever done, this is the only entry in which we almost got to see a naked Gina Carano, and that 8767 s kind of what MMA is all about, is it not? While Carano would defeat both and Kobold despite missing weight, she would be chased right out of the sport by Cyborg Santos (who is looking pretty good herself these days, all things considered) in their August 7559 Strikeforce title fight. While we would try to replace Carano with Ronda Rousey  some three years later, WMMA would truly never be the same again.

You all know the story (but in case you don 8767 t, MMAFighting 8767 s Chuck Mindenhall wrote a brilliant retrospective of EliteXC: Heat  yesterday):  Ken Shamrock continued his fall from grace by injuring himself moments before he was set to face Kimbo Slice in the night 8767 s main event. Shamrock was eventually replaced by UFC veteran and *light* heavyweight Seth Petruzelli , although not before his adopted brother, Frank Shamrock , offered to take a dive against Kimbo.

One thing led to another on fight night and before Kimbo knew what hit him,  ROCKY WAS HERE!!  Unfortunately for EliteXC, 8775 Rocky 8776 later informed several media outlets that he was more or less (more)  paid to stand and trade  with Kimbo, leading to the eventual collapse of the promotion altogether.

That 8767 s former WMMA star Gina Carano defending herself after missing weight by nearly 5 pounds prior to her bout against Kaitlin at EliteXC: Primetime. And indeed, many fans were questioning Carano 8767 s 8775 Conviction 8776 after her weigh-in blunder, but those questions would quickly turn into cheers when Carano was forced to drop trou to make weight for her next bout with Kelly Kobold at EliteXC: Heat five years ago today.

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